What to Consider when Printing a Funeral Order of Service

Planning a funeral is one of the most stressful events when you’re grieving. When having a Funeral Order of Service printed, keep this simple guide in mind.

One of the most difficult parts about funerals is how quickly they fall after a loved one has died. While you’re struggling with grief, you’re also expected to be planning an event to honor the family member or friend, and all the necessary arrangements would be overwhelming even on the best day. To better understand what you need to look for when it comes to service printing for the funeral, access this easy to understand list to make the arrangements a little bit easier.

What should I include in the keepsake?

When it comes to what to include in a Funeral Order of Service, you may want to include a photo of the deceased on the front, a quote or verse that they held dear, as well as the dates of their life.  The center should include an obituary that illustrates how they lived their life including events and people they were proud of, and finally, the service order of the funeral itself.

Funeral order

Before ordering your keepsakes, make sure your funeral director provides you a running order for the funeral. This will help keep the ordering process simple and straightforward when you order the booklets or memorial cards.

Memorial cards

If you opt to have a Funeral Order of Services memorial card in addition to the booklet, it is advised to keep this simple. Think of the card as a keepsake for those attending, who may not remember the entire service order of the funeral, but will want to hold on to the card itself. Ideally, you will want to include a photo on the front, and a small poem or verse on the back. These can be kept in wallets for years to come.


Don’t spend more worry than is necessary when trying to design the Funeral Order of Service. To make ordering your Funeral Order of Service cards or Booklets easier, you may want to use a pre-designed template. If you are uncertain about 

Paper Choice

Whether you opt for a double-sided simple Funeral Order of Services or choose a longer 12-page booklet for your loved one, ensure the following are options when placing your order:

  • 300gsm smooth card stock for the initial pages of the service cards, which is a high-quality paper.
  • At least 100gsm paper for additional pages that are added.
  • Pre-constructed booklets. A high-quality printing company will automatically fold any 4-page booklets for your Funeral Order of Services and will staple any that are more than 4-pages. The last thing you need to be concerned with is creasing and folding booklets right before the funeral.

Turnaround time

Any reputable printing company understands the gravity of a Funeral Order of Services and will likely expedite the order. When ordering, make sure that a next day courier is an option since funerals are typically planned so rapidly. Printing and having your booklets delivered in a timely manner is not only necessary, it should also not be something you need to stress over when you have so many other things to consider.

Ideally, place the order with the printing company as early as possible, but expect that a high-quality printing company will print and ship your Funeral Order of Services as quickly as possible.