Social Distancing Floor Graphics

Social distancing floor graphics

Social Distancing Floor Graphics 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has called for social distancing, use these floor graphics to increase compliance and to save lives.

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As I’m sure you’re aware, the most recent pandemic, COVID-19, a strand of the coronavirus, has forced us indoors, left to self-isolate, and in many countries even enforced a nationwide quarantine.

Inevitably, these strict restrictions have affected many businesses, big and small, including coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants, and factories to close.

Arguably, small businesses have been hit the worse – with many facing unemployment and uncertainty of what lies ahead.

However, this isn’t the end – we will bounce back stronger.

Some countries such as China and Italy have begun to reopen, but strict social distancing measures still in place.

These measures are thought to be in place for the remainder of 2020, and perhaps much longer in the majority of countries across the globe.

It is up to us and the businesses to respect social space and follow strict social distancing, however, at times this can be difficult.

This is where we come in.

Social distancing floor graphics 

We have created social distancing floor graphics and floor stickers to help small businesses and customers comply with these social distancing rules.

Social Distancing - Keep 2m distance rectangle floor graphic

These floor graphics are perfect for coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants, and hairdressers – regardless of your business, these stickers are designed to enforce social distancing.

The majority of our social distancing floor stickers are bold, encouraging customers to remain two metres apart at all times. Other stickers tell customers to stay apart and wait for others if in the two-metre proximity.

Now more than ever, social distancing is essential to stopping the spread of the virus.

Why is social distancing important?

Ever since March, the United Kingdom has enforced social distancing, with other countries preceding or following these rules.

As the virus is spread via contact such as coughing, sneezing, or touching objects which have previously been infected enforcing social distancing measures reduces our risk of catching COVID-19.

Take action, protect your customers and yourself with social distancing floor stickers

Social distancing is essential to saving lives, with COVID-19 affecting people of all ages. Regardless of who you are the coronavirus does not discriminate – if you make contact with another who has the virus there’s a very good chance you too will catch it.

However, those who catch the virus may have mild to no symptoms – although they may feel fine they can very easily pass COVID-19 on to a much more vulnerable person.

Therefore, social distancing and self-isolation (including only essential travel) are one of the best measures put in place by the majority of governments to reduce the spread – saving lives, protecting the health care systems, and preventing unnecessary damage to loved ones.

View our collection of social distancing floor graphics 

If you would like to view our collection of social distancing floor graphics and stickers, helping to protect the public, yourselves, and the vulnerable then please visit our social distancing floor graphics online.

Remember, we are in this together – follow these rules and the outcome will be much less severe.

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